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  • Christoph Burgmer

Audio: Our hunger for raw materials - globally unjust

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

A Podcast from Christoph Burgmer and Peter Kreysler on behalf of INKOTA


mining in Jharkhand
Mining in Jharkhand India

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The European Union has committed itself to becoming climate-neutral by 2050 and thus to counteracting climate change. But what is the real benefit of such an "energy turnaround" if it is not accompanied by a "raw materials turnaround"? Nothing! Why do we need a raw material turnaround at all and how can it succeed? In a two-part podcast series, we look for answers for the non-governmental organization INKOTA. For feasible alternatives. In the first part, we go on a search for clues in some countries of the Global South. After all, this is where most of the raw materials we need are mined.


Christoph Burgmer and Peter Kreysler are working as freelance journalists.

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