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  • Christoph Burgmer

Audio: Ruth Wodak: Language and racism

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Critical discourse analysis



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Ruth Wodak works discourse-analytically on identity politics as they are formed and used nationally and transnationally in the political language by interested parties in Europe. She systematically analyzes the rhetoric of constructing of the past and the exclusionary rhetoric of right-wing populism. The interdisciplinary approach of critical discourse analysis has gained importance in the last two decades. The results of the research can be used to identify changes in the discursive practices of political elites and the connection between racist and right-wing populist language on the one hand and racist, nationalist and fascist motivated violent acts on the other (attacks against migrants, politicians and dissidents) (see DISS Duisburg/Germany). Ruth Wodak is one of the most exposed researchers in this field. The conversation was recorded in Vienna in 2008, but has lost none of its aktuality.

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