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Audio: Bulu Imam - On the "canibalism of modernity"

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Audio: Viewpoints on causes and alternatives



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Bulu Imam (born 1942) is an Indian philosopher, researcher and environmental activist. He is a researcher and an authority on archaeology, tribal and rock art, folk folklore and history. Bulu Imam is committed to the protection of Adivasi culture and heritage in Jharkhand. In 2012, he received the Gandhi International Peace Award. He discovered the first rock art of Jharkhand in 1991 in Isco and subsequently over a dozen rock art sites in the northern Karanpura valley. In 1995, he founded the Sanskriti Museum & Art Gallery in Hazaribagh along with the Tribal Women Artists Cooperative (TWAC), which promoted tribal art of the region and held over 50 international exhibitions of Khovar and Sohrai paintings in Australia, Europe and the UK. He is the author of several books. He has made several films on tribal art and culture.

Foto Galery (©Michael Briefs, Journalist, Germany)

- Bulu Imam infront of his house

- Adivasi Art Jharkhand

- The destruction of Adivasi land, Jharkhnd

- Displaced Adivasi


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