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  • Christoph Burgmer

Audio: Conspirancy Thinking

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Interviews with Wolfgang Benz, Wolfgang Wippermann and others


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Conspiracy theories have not only been booming since Corona. Rather, they form the basis of authoritarian ideas of order. For Reich citizens, lateral thinkers and religious fanatics, they are religion, which they proagandistically display in public demonstrations. Today, conspiracy theories are still the veil with which violent mobs have camouflaged themselves since the Jewish progroms in the Middle Ages. Unlike right-wing extremists and fascist conspiracy theorists, Reichsbürger, lateral thinkers and religious fanatics are not organised along party-political lines. It is enough for them to denounce people and pave the way for real acts of violence. Right-wing radical and fascist organisations and parties make use of these henchmen in order to publicly stage their anti-Semitic and racist ideologies of order with media effect, accompanied by their public furore. Right-wing political parties adopt the victim motif from conspiracy theorists. This victim stance anticipates justification as "perpetrators". Their goal is the abolition of democracy, discrimination against minorities and the elimination of dissenters. Conspiracy theories and their protagonists are toxic to any democratic society. Any form of trivialisation by dismissing dissenters etc. as crackpots increases the danger of handing democracy over to its opponents.

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