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  • Stefan Fuchs

Audio: David Graeber - Capital and Slaves

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

"The Myth of a "Free Market"


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David Rolfe Graeber († 2020) was a cultural anthropologist and publicist from the USA. He was one of the initiators of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement. He is considered one of the most important critics of the capitalist economic-social system. This condemns the mass of people to meaningless work, although technical development has made a 15-hour working week possible for decades. He is considered an outstanding representative of anarchist anthroplogy. Peter Niedersteiner and Falko Zemmrich comment on this: "Graeber does not shy away from taking a clear stand...Anthropology is particularly suitable for revealing alternative structures, as it is the only and last science to deal with stateless societies and has shown that the state has only appeared in a very short span of human history.... Furthermore, anthropology should not tire of emphasising that the state and the nation is an "imaginary totality par excellence"..., i.e. a communal idea of togetherness, which has an impact on reality, but which itself only exists in people's minds. By nature, there are no citizenships or state borders. These categories exist only in human minds and emerge in symbols and rituals. Only the firm belief in the "imagined community" leads us to the conviction that we were born as "Germans" and that we "belong".

link: David Graeber: Bella Caledonia: "Dept: The first 5000 years."


Stefan Fuchs is a well-known journalist and author. In his book "Hyperpower USA" he proves to be an intimate connoisseur of American culture and politics. "The USA is experimenting with a future culture of universal disposal. Disposal of oneself, of others. Disposal of language, of nature. The unbridled urge to increase power over goods, money, images, bodies, over death itself forms the driving force of US culture and at the same time guarantees its universality. Only those who penetrate into these deep zones of American self-understanding understand what the talk of the "model" America really means".

The conversation with David Graeber was recorded in London in 2013.

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