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Conspiracy Theories


This is a collection of conversations related to conspiracy theories. It was recorded a few years ago. They then become a threat to society when their protagonists organize themselves in right-wing extremist and fascist networks.


1. Wolfgang Wippermann - The idea of ​​conspiracies

Wolfgang Wippermann († 2021) was a historian, professor of modern history at the Free University of Berlin. His work focused on ideology research, including antiziganism, racism and conspiracy theories.


2. Wolfgang Benz - Anti-Semitism

Wolgang Benz is a historian, professor emeritus for contemporary history at the TU Berlin. His work focuses on anti-Semitism and Islamophobia research.

3. Helmut Reinalter - How the conspiracy came into the world

Helmut Reinalter is a historian and philosopher, professor emeritus at the University of Innsbruck. He primarily researches questions relating to the history of ideas.


4. Thomas Grüter - Aspects of the Acts of Conspiracy

Thomas Grüter is a doctor and non-fiction author. He does research on Freemasons and Illuminati.

5. Michael Fischer - conspiracy against freedom

Michael Fischer († 2014) was a social and cultural philosopher at the University of Salzburg.

Germans and others ...


This is a collection of conversations with outstanding writers and intellectuals. The subjects are as diverse as the times in which they were recorded. Some analyzes have documentary or historical value, others are still relevant today.




1. Günther Grass - Germans and their xenophobia

It starts with a conversation between Nobel Prize winner Günther Grass († 2015) and journalist Christoph Burgmer . The conversation took place on 1998 in the Behlendorfer workshop of the writer.


2. Noam Chomsky - EU & USA: Capitalist Rivals

Noam Chomsky is a linguist at MIT in Boston. He is the most influential American critic of capitalism. Christoph Burgmer recorded the conversation in his Boston office in 2008.


3. Bulu Imam - Civilization in India

Bulu Imam is an Indian philosopher, researcher and environmental activist. Michael Briefs conducted the interview in Ranchi / India in 2006.


4. David Graeber - Modern States: Capital and Slaves

David Graeber († 2020) was an American cultural anthropologist and critic of the modern state. He is considered a co-initiator of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement. The interview was conducted by Stefan Fuchs in London in 2013.



The " Black Lives Matter " movement marks the last climax of the resistance against racist practices in western capitalist societies. Audio Archiv presents a collection of historical interviews with well-known activists on issues of racism.




1. Ambalavaner Sivanandan - Racism in the UK and Europe

Ambalavaner Sivanadan († 2018) was a writer and activist. He is the founder of the Institute of Race Relation (IRR) in London. Ambalavaner answers questions about the history of racism in Great Britain and was recorded at the IRR in London in 1998.


2. Ruth Wodak - Language and Racism

Ruth Wodak is an Austrian linguist. She is professor of linguistics at the University of Vienna and Lancaster. Her work focuses on prejudice and racism research with a focus on critical discurs analysis. The conversation was recorded in 2008 in Vienna.

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