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We need interested, committed, critical and self-critical readers and listeners for our audio reports and essays, short stories published for the first time and excerpts from books, some of which have been published in several editions. Plus the numerous audio interviews with writers, intellectuals, scientists and activists in English, French, German, Persian and Arabic. The authors have worked for many years as freelance radio journalists in Western European and Arab countries, Iran, India and Brazil. Some of the material contains historical recordings that have only been published in part or not at all, such as interviews with Nobel Prize winners Günther Grass and Naguib Machfouz, with academics Edward Said and Noam Chomsky, Johannes Agnoli and Birgit Rommespacher, activists like Maude Barlow and Shirin Ebadi, and many others. Besides a blog with historical conversations, the focus is on Islam, racism and globalisation from the perspective of the South. This is supported by interviews with activists from India, Pakistan, the Arab world and Brazil. All texts, audio recordings, videos and images found on this site are protected by copyright. They may only be used with the written consent of the respective copyright holder. For enquiries, please contact.

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